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Religion, Social Studies, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, English, Art, Spelling, Music, Band, & Penmanship

School Absences
While students learn best by being present in school, children need to be healthy to learn. In order to prevent the spread of illness, please do not send a child to school if he or she is running a fever or is otherwise ill (rashes, cough, etc.) Please call the school office before 8:30 a.m. if your child will be absent. If a call is not received, the school office will be inquiring about the student's absence or whereabouts. If you have a planned absence during the school year, please contact your child's teacher early so that work may be sent home and the child will not fall behind.

A parent must send a note if your child is tardy. If excessive tardiness is a problem, parents, teacher, and principal will meet to discuss the situation. Please realize that tardiness disrupts and interferes with the entire classroom learning environment.

Dental & Doctor Appointments
We encourage you to schedule appointments after school hours. We realize that parents do not always have that option. If your child needs to be dismissed early, please send a note to your child's teacher.

Supervision of students begins at 7:40 a.m. until 3:20 p.m. The school is not liable for students who arrive before 7:40 a.m. or remain after 3:20 p.m. For their safety, students should not be dropped off at the playground prior to 7:45 a.m.

A school Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass) is celebrated every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. Each grade, on a rotating basis, takes turn preparing the weekly liturgies. Parents' or gaurdians' attendance and participation are greatly appreciated and most welcomed.

Dress Code
Please provide your student with gym shoes for physical education and mittens, hat and boots (or extra shoes) for outdoor play during winter monts. Snow pants and boots must be worn to play on the snow hills.

Emergency Information
Each student should have emergency information on file in the office. This includes persons to be notified, physician's names, and to whom the child may be released. Please notify the office in writing of any changes in address, phone or custody of child.

Late Starts/School Closures/Early Dismissals
When weather conditions warrant, the start of school may be delayed two hours. Such an announcement will be made on the local radio stations. Buses will run two hours late. Kindergarten will be cancelled. Afternoon programs would continue, unless announced. Stations WUPM and WJMS will announce all school cancellations/early dismissal. Parents may also access school closures by calling WUPM at 932-3242. In the event of emergency early dismissal, all students (including kindergarten) will ride the same bus they rode to school and be dropped off at their morning bus stop. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact parents notifying them of dismissal.

Leaving School Ground
No child may leave school grounds unless a family member checks the student out through the office. Children will not be released from school grounds in any manner outside their routine dismissal without prior written notice from parents. This includes birthday parties, dance, music lessons, walking to the library, with a grandparent, or downtown, etc.

Field Trips
Written permission from a parent must be on file in order for a student to attend a planned field trip. Whenever possible, bus transportation will be used. When a private vehicle is used, the following conditions shall be met:
      · All drivers must be 21 years of age or older.
      · All drivers must have a valid, non-probationary license and no physical disability that may impair their ability to                     drive safely.
      · The vehicle must have a valid registration and insurance.

Medication should be administered to students by the parent or guardian at home. In exceptional circumstances, medication may be administered by school personnel under appropriate procedures.

Library Policy
All Saints Catholic Academy Library exists to strengthen and encourage literacy in children by providing age and interest appropriate materials. A variety of materials will be furnished within a welcoming environment to further broaden the interests and knowledge of the students, promoting also an awareness of cultures, scientific innovations, art, and history. Students may check out books on a weekly basis. The students will be responsible to replace books that are lost, marred, or damaged. 

Textbooks and Equipment
Students, who mar, deface, or damage books, furniture, equipment, building, or any property belonging to the school shall pay for the same. If books belonging to the school or library are lost, the pupil shall pay the full value of these. 

Enrichment Work
Enrichment work serves to challenge students to reach their potential. Quality, not quantity is important, therefore; enrichment projects should show creativity on the part of the student. Research projects, original stories, unique booklets or chart, and science experiments are the type of projects considered enrichment, but not limited to.

Electronics, Trading cards, & Toys
All electronic equipment (Discman, game boy, etc.), trading cards, laser light stand toys are forbidden in the school or on the school grounds. Please do not send them with your child or allow your child to bring them to school. If above items are brought onto school grounds, the school is not responsible for damage or loss. If a student is found with such items, the items will be confiscated. Return will be at the discretion of the teacher or administration. 

Lost & Found
A basket containing "Lost and Found" items is located in the South entrance of the school. Please have your child check for missing items. At the end of the semester, all unclaimed items are donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Extracurricular Activities
All Saints Catholic Academy offers a number of extra curricular activities. These include children’s choir, 5th and 6th grade band and basketball.

Classroom parties are at the discretion of each teacher. Please be considerate of the feelings of classmates when planning birthday celebrations. If some boys or girls in your child’s class will be omitted from a birthday party, please mail invitations and pick up your partygoers away from school property.

Parent, Student, Teacher Conferences 
Scheduled conferences are held at the end of the first quarter. Parents will be contacted before to schedule an appointment. If at any time you have a question or concern, please contact the school office to schedule an appointment with the principal. We appreciate your input and concern, as it is only together that Christian, Catholic education takes place.

The SCRIP program is a major fundraiser at our school. Please support it by using SCRIP when you shop. Order forms will be sent home weekly. They must be returned by 9 a.m. on Mondays. SCRIP is available for pick up in the school office. Local merchant SCRIP and limited National SCRIP is always in the parish office. SCRIP ordered can also be sent home with children if permission is granted by parents or guardians ordering.

Service Hours
As education begins in the home, family involvement is important to our school. Each family is contracted/required to complete 15 hours of service for the school throughout the school year. There are many ways available to meet this requirement. A log of hours is kept in the office. It is your responsibility to fill out your family’s’ sheet as you volunteer. Statements of hours served will be sent home in December, February, and April. Those not fulfilling the requirements will be billed for uncompleted hours.

Any money handed in by the children must be in a "sealed" envelope with the child’s name and grade marked on the outside, as well as the specific purpose for which it is to be used. Students should not be responsible to bring large amounts of money to school. Unless there is a specific reason to send money: please do not allow your children to bring it to school.

For the safety of our children, all visitors must report at the school office before going elsewhere in the building.

Tuition payment arrangements need to be made through the office. Monthly statements are mailed home with current balances. All tuition must be received prior to the last day of classes for the school year, unless other arrangements are made.Tuition pays only on third of the total cost to educate a child at All Saints Catholic Academy. Service hours, use of SCRIP, and volunteer time are part of the commitment a family makes toward educating their children.

Volunteers play an integral part of our Christian, Catholic Community. Individuals willing/choosing to volunteer should call the school principal or stop by the school office in order to make appropriate arrangements.

Teachers assign homework for purposes of reinforcing learning that has taken place at school and fostering habits of independent study and responsibility. At times, homework is an opportunity to finish material that was started in school, but limitations prevented completion. Assignments are not always written work. Reading and enrichment projects can be assigned. Parents should look over their child’s work to see that it is completed neatly and legibly. Ordinarily, no specific assignments are given on weekends or over holidays. However, at the teacher’s discretion, unfinished class work, independent reading or enrichment projects may be assigned over the weekend.

Dangerous Weapons/Arson/Illegal Drugs/Harassment/Bullying
In order to help provide a safe and orderly school environment in which children can learn, the Board of Education will not tolerate arson, harassment, bullying, possession of illegal drugs or weapons by anyone while on school property or at a school or parish-related event. In implementing the policy, the All Saints Catholic Academy will comply with Michigan Public Act 328 which requires the permanent expulsion of a student who possess a dangerous weapon (firearm, dagger, dirk, stiletto, knife, with a blade over three inches in length, a pocket knife opened by a mechanical device, iron bar or brass knuckle) or other designed to inflict serious bodily harm, while in attendance at school or a school activity, or enroute to or from school on a school bus, or who commits arson, is in possession of illegal drugs, or harasses other individual in a school building or on school grounds.This policy shall also encompass such actions as look-alike items, false firearms, bomb threats, or intentional calls to falsely report of a dangerous condition.The Board of Education designates the superintendent (pastor) or principal to make the suspension and expulsion decisions

In case of student expulsion, the superintendent or principal shall prepare to ensure immediate reporting to the local law enforcement agency and the pupil’s parent or guardian. Moreover, the superintendent or principal will refer the student to the county department of social services or county community mental health agency. Notice of referral will be given to the student’s parent or guardian. Public act 328 requires the expelling district to enter the fact on the student’s record. Michigan Law permits expelled students to apply for reinstatement:
For pupils in kindergarten through grade 5, reinstatement is possible after 90 days; and for pupils grade 6 and above, the waiting period is 180 school days. However, the FINAL decision to reinstate a student rests with the Board of Education. 
Admission of a student with previous history of infractions will be determined by the Board of Education on probationary terms only:

Students Due Process Rights
     · Student must be given notice of the new law and the expulsion procedures which will be used in the school they                    are attending. 
    · When an accusation is made against a student for weapons possession, drug possession, harassment, or arson, the       
      student must be given notice of the reasons expulsion is being considered; and the student is entitled to a hearing before       an impartial decision-maker. The student still has the right to choose an open or closed hearing under the Open Meeting       Act.
     · Procedures shall also include immediate reporting to the appropriate law enforcement agency if a dangerous weapon or         illegal drugs are found or is suspected to be in the possession of a school employee or visitor.

If parents do not agree with the decision of the school regarding any discipline matter, they must respond to the administration within 24 hours. 
     1. First Offense: One-to-one teacher conference. Teacher will call parents. Student will apologize (reconcile). 
     2. Second Offense: Parent/Teacher/student conference with principal and 30 minutes or after school detention. 
     3. Third Offense: Conference with parents/teacher/principal and parish priest if requested. Loss of all recesses                          for a week. 
     4. Fourth Offense: Suspension/expulsion will be considered for patterns of behavior if they do not show improvement. 
        Serious discipline consequences reports will be kept locked in a special file maintained by the principal in the office               until the student graduates from All Saints Catholic Academy or completes Grade six. At that time the discipline sheets         will be removed from the file and destroyed. 

General School Rules
     1. Follow Directions.
     2. Keep you hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
     3. Walk in classroom, halls, and lunchroom.
     4. Be respectful to all people and property
     5. One student per classroom in the hall or restroom at a time. 

Playground Rules
     1. Students are to be supervised at all times.
     2. Students must be dressed appropriately for the weather- e.g. boots, hats, mittens, snow pants, gloves, etc. 
     3. Take equipment out at the beginning of recess. The student taking it out is responsible for bringing it back inside. 
     4. Play safely. (No throwing of wood chips, rocks or snowballs; no playing or running with sticks; no wrestling, tackling              or fighting.)
     5. Stay within the playground area.
     6. Students must report outside/recess incidents when they occur, to the outside supervising teacher or monitor. 
     7. Everyone must stay outside until the bell rings.
     8. Students line up according to grade when the bell rings and must enter the building quietly.

Lunchroom Rules
     1. Use good table manners. (No throwing or playing with food.)
     2. Clean area where you eat: table, chair, and floor. Food remains in lunchroom unless an exception is given. 
     3. Talk quietly 
     4. Walk at all times 
     5. Be respectful 

Hall Rules
     1. Be quiet.
     2. Be respectful to all people and property.
     3. Walk.

Consequences for Breaking General Rules
     1. FIRST OFFENSE-Verbal Warning
     2. SECOND OFFENSE-Grade 1-3: Loss of one recess. Grade 4-6: Loss of one recess, writes out "My Action Plan" and a                  discipline form is sent home to be signed and dated by the parent and returned the following school day.*
     3. THIRD OFFENSE-Grade 1-3: Loss of two recesses, write out "My Action Plan" and a discipline form is sent home to be              signed and dated by the parent and returned the following day.*  Grade 4-6: Loss of four recesses, a discipline form is            sent home to be signed and dated by the parents and returned the following school day.*
     4. FOURTH OFFENSE - Grade 1-6: The student is sent to the office, a call is made to the parents to meet with the                    principal, teacher, and student as soon as possible. Student loses all recesses until said meeting and the situation is                  resolved.  * Whenever a discipline form is sent home: The parent(s) or guardian(s) are notified by phone                              by the teacher.

All Saints Catholic Academy Discipline Form - Click here to view/print a pdf version.
All Saints Catholic Academy School Policies
School Philosophy
All Saints Catholic Academy shares with the family and the Catholic Church the responsibility of providing quality Catholic education. Within a Christian Community atmosphere, we aim to foster the spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, emotional, aesthetical, and physical growth of a child.

All Saints Catholic Academy aims to stimulate growth the following ways:
· Small class size/Low student to teacher ratio
· Accredited Curriculum
· Science Fair
· Accelerated Reader
· Library
· Technology/ Computers
· Small class size/Low student to teacher ratio
· Science Fair
· Accelerated Reader
· Library
· Technology/Computers
 · Art
 · Vocal music/dance
 · Band
 · Michigan arts programs

 · Weekly Children’s Liturgy (Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.)
 · Morning Prayer
 · Integrated Religious Education
 · Sacramental preparation (First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, Confirmation)

 · Playground
 · Physical Fitness/Phy Ed.
 · Skiing 
 · Basketball program
 · Jump Rope for Heart
Admission to All Saints Catholic Academy

All Saints Catholic Academy welcomes all students regardless of race, creed or color. Where class size is limited, preference will be given to:                                         •  First: Members of Our Lady of Peace Parish                                                         •  Second: Other Catholic Community Families 
        •  Third: Families of other religious beliefs

By Michigan state law, pre-kindergarteners must be 4 years old on or before Dec. 1st to enroll in the Pre-Kindergarten program. To enter Kindergarten, a child must be 5 on or before Dec. 1st. It is recommended that children be 3 years old prior to the start of the school year and toilet trained for the 3-year old program.

A yearly registration contract outlining tuition payments, service hours, and purchasing SCRIP must be signed by the parents and pastor prior to admission at All Saints Catholic Academy. No student is excluded from All Saints Catholic Academy for lack of finances. Tuition assistance is available to qualifying families. Please contact the school principal or parish pastor for information.

Prayer & Pledge 
Prayer is a vital part of each school day. We open our school day with prayers as well as the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
A Normal School Day
    7:45  - Playground supervision begins
    8:00  - Teachers are available
    8:05  - Students may enter the building
   11:20 - Lunch begins
    2:55 -  Dismissal
    3:10 -  Playground supervision ends
    3:15 - Teachers are free to leave
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