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All Saints Catholic Academy Fundraisers
The Home and School Association, as well as our Local Commission on Education (Board of Education) conduct fundraising activies during the year to assist with the school budget and general fund.

A few of the fundraising activities are as follows:

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SCRIP is a program where parents (and others) purchase gift certificate or gift cards  from the School or Parish for specific local or national businesses.  Cards or certifcates are worth the purchase price (eg: a $10 Burger King Card is worth $10!)

The SCRIP program makes money by being able to purchase the gift cards and certificate at a discounted rate (usually 2-10%) and...The profit amount then goes to support our School and it's programs.

Each School family is required to purchase enough SCRIP throughout the year to make $100 profit for the School.
Any dollar amount of profit over that $100 provides the family a 50% amount of the overage, a monetary credit toward the following year's tuition costs.

For more information or to explore what local and national businesses participate in the SCRIP Program, please contact the school at (906) 932-3200.
•  The LaRosa Spaghetti Dinner 
​     The popular "LaRosa Sunday" is usually held at the end of January and Catholic           Schools Week.  

•  The Holloween Fun Frolic

•  Candy Sale

•  Pizza Sale